Dec 22, 2021

The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) joined other organizations in producing a series of tutorials designed to increase the knowledge of civil society organizations (CSOs), national and regional decision-makers on how to systemically work toward the realization of SAICM’s core elements.

Chemicals Governance Made Simple

Chemicals Governance Made Simple offers a high-level overview of the challenges that chemicals pose and what is necessary to achieve effective chemicals governance.

Finance for Chemicals Governance

Finance for Chemicals Governance explores what funding streams may be available to countries for chemicals management, noting that when surveyed, countries identify inadequate funding as the major barrier to managing chemicals more safely.

Toxic Impact of Plastics Across its Lifecycle

Toxic Impact of Plastics Across its Lifecycle examines how countries can develop policy solutions to the plastics crisis that borrow from responses to adjacent sectors, such as the chemicals, waste, and petrochemicals industries.