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The purpose of the online learning platform is to facilitate increased knowledge among CSOs, national and regional decision makers on how to systematically work for the realization of the 11 SAICM OOG core elements, through a systematic and deep online learning platform procured by experts in the global chemicals and waste objectives of a post-2020 global chemicals and waste framework.


This on-line learning courses on the
Strategic Approach to International
Chemicals Management

Pesticide Action Network

Due to their particular hazardousness and global significance, highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) are a priority topic under SAICM.


Transparency or “right-to-know” is a fundamental concept in protecting public health against exposures to toxic chemicals.

SAICM Knowledge

Nature offers many solutions to reduce the impacts of disasters and climate change, such as protecting forests on steep slopes.


The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) joined other organizations in producing a series of tutorials designed to increase the knowledge of civil society organizations (CSOs), national and regional decision-makers on how to systemically work toward the realization of SAICM’s core elements.


The overarching purpose of the global minimum transparency standard (GMTS) is to achieve an equal level of access to information about the presence of the most hazardous chemicals in products, irrespective of country, and within and outside the supply chains for the products.